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Esri GIS Analyst - Parcel Editor

The GDOT is seeking an expert technical GIS analyst for converting existing and planned excess parcels, Right-of-Way, wetland mitigation, and easement data from deed documents, Bentley Microstation, and other property records into a geodatabase built on the Esri ArcGIS Parcel Framework.  Candidate will perform COGO, data editing, data maintenance, and metadata maintenance. Candidate will be responsible for working with business units to obtain information and performing data quality control/assurance on edited data for publication to GDOT enterprise.

The position will be part of a team that is using acquisition deeds, right of way plans and local tax data to identify, catalogue and map GDOT property. The position will involve extracting the parcel sales data from right of way deeds and county tax records and parcel data from right of way plans and county tax data to locate the parcels in the Esri geodatabase. The position will also require coordination with local government entities to attempt to obtain available data from municipal records. In addition to entering new parcels into the system.

The position will involve reviewing of the data for parcels already in the data base and updating or correcting the data as may be needed. This position will assist with providing support and preparing GIS data for Right of Way personnel, providing QA/QC on the GIS data, training Property Management staff on the basics of using the GIS data base, and other related tasks.


  • Work closely with the Records Office, Property Management Office and Plans Office in Right of Way and other offices within GDOT to obtain the necessary deeds, plans, information and instructions to accomplish the required tasks
  • Identify and catalogue GDOT owned property using acquisition deeds, county tax records, right of way plans and other available sources
  • Extract parcel metadata items from acquisition deeds, county tax records, right of way plans and other available sources
  • Assign Georgia Excess Parcel (GEP) numbers to each new parcel file
  • Upload or enter the deed files and metadata into ArcGIS to create point and shape files
  • Spatially locate each parcel in ArcGIS using the data extracted from project plan files, tax data maps, deeds
  • Review and update existing data and files to ensure quality
  • Verify project and parcel information with existing GDOT systems
  • Ensure deed files and data are viewable and readily available externally and internally through the Property Management GIS maps
  • Verify the existence of the parcels in TPRO’s Property Management section and create a file in the Property Management section of TPRO for each new parcel not already in TPRO.
  • Update TPRO existing file data to indicate the GEP number and other data for each parcel.
  • Using new and past deed information from the Property Management office, update parcels in the GIS map system to indicate sold parcels
  • Working closely with the IT office, maintain and improve functionality of the current maps to display the parcels and data for public viewing.
  • Working with the IT office, assist in the design and implementation of new mapping displays to import Right of Way plans to the maps and overlay available surplus parcels and sold parcels

Required Skills/Experience

  • 6+ yrs of work experience with Esri ArcGIS, editing/maintaining ArcGIS data, creating maps, creating reports
  • 4+ yrs of editing data within the Esri Parcel Framework or comparable land/property/parcel/tax record management system
  • 3+ yrs Microsoft Office Professional
  • 2+ yrs Windows 10
  • 2+ yrs of Esri GIS work experience within a city, county, state government agency, or private company in maintaining parcel or tax record data
  • 2+ yrs of Demonstrated work experience with ArcGIS version 10x or higher
  • 2+ yrs Demonstrated work experience in QA/QC data validation of Esri geodatabases
  • Expert in working with Esri shape files, personal/file geodatabases, geodatabase topology and editing in a SDE multi-user geo-database
  • Able to query geodatabases, prepare graphs/charts, reports, and maps
  • Understanding of geospatial and mapping concepts such as spatial analysis, map projections, etc.
  • Understanding of land ownership, cadastral surveying, and parcel development
  • Bachelor’s in geography, GIS, computer science, engineering/surveying, public planning or a related field
  • The candidate must have the technical agility, focus, flexibility, enthusiasm and vision to complement and enhance the delivery of Right of Way data to the Property Management team
  • The candidate must be able to coordinate, plan, and support simultaneous tasks and GIS projects
  • Familiarity with CADD data files, DGN data files, Bentley MicroStation, InRoads and with extracting data from those files is required (AutoCAD experience is helpful, but not required)
  • Experience in mentoring, training, or instructing team members to perform GIS tasks
  • Required qualifications include a four-year college degree in GIS, Geography, or a related field
  • Results and detail-oriented, self-starter, proactive
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing

Preferred Skills/Experience

  • GISP or Esri technical certification
  • Work experience with Bentley Microstation, InRoads
  • Knowledge or experience with Safe Software Feature Manipulation Engine workflows

Georgia DOT will reimburse authorized travel expense lodging and meals. Georgia DOT will reimburse authorized travel use of a personal vehicle use. All travel expense reimbursement shall be in accordance with State Accounting Office Travel Policy:

The position end date is set for the end of the Georgia DOT fiscal year. Georgia DOT may exercise the option to renew contracts in one year increments. Several successful consultants have continued working for several years with contract extensions. However, Georgia DOT is under no obligation to extend contracts and may terminate employment at any time.

All candidates submitted for this or any other Job Posting that are currently working under a VISA, Employment Authorization Card, or any other authorized programs of the Federal Government must have a current active VISA or status in order to be submitted. Candidates that have an expired VISA or are in the process of applying for an extension, transfer, or a new VISA, should not be submitted.

The Department has 12 holidays, which consultants are not allowed to work nor make up any time for those holiday weeks without management's approval. Consultants are not to take extended leave during their first year of service (e.g. 1 week or greater). Consultants may not telework or work a compressed work week schedule during their first year of service.

Vendor may be required to purchase $20.00 identification card for candidate, which is non-refundable.

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